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Luca di Luzio

Luca di Luzio, Italian Jazz Guitarist Bio

Jazz Guitar Player Profile

A diverse and versatile jazz guitarist, Luca di Luzio plays electric, acoustic and classic guitar with a style that covers everything from jazz standards and bossa nova to funk, modern jazz, fusion and blues.

His creative talent allows him to take part in a wide range of musical ventures alongside national and international artists.

❏ Studies

Luca di Luzio is a Jazz guitar graduate of the Conservatorio di Musica Frescobaldi di Ferrara in Italy.

During the course of his extra-curricula studies he has attended seminars and guitar masterclasses with:

Pat Metheny
Mike Stern
Mick Goodrick
Jim Hall

Joe Diorio
John Abercrombie
Wolfgang Muthspiel
Donovan Mixon

Jim Kelly
Garrison Fewell
Les Wise
Dean Brown

Ron Eschete (seven strings guitar)

      ★ Professional Collaborations

      During his concert career as a jazz guitarist Luca di Luzio has played and recorded with many Italian and international artists and other jazz guitarists, including:

        A member of the SIDMA Orchestra from 2008 to 2013, Luca di Luzio has also played with the Jazzlife Orchestra and the Conservatorio Frescobaldi Big Band.

        ♬ Musical Career

        In 2008 Luca founded the Barioca quartet with Flavio Piscopo, Tom Sheret and Chica Piazzolla, and performed in over 100 live concerts.

        In 2010 he gave life to the Luca di Luzio Electric Trio (european jazz trio) with Stefano Peretto (drums) and Pier Mingotti (electric bass).

        2016 was the birth year of LdL Blue's Room Trio an organ room trio with Sam Gambarini on the Hammond and Max Ferri on drums. The group plays regularly throughout Italy and often features the Canadian singer Lauren Bush.

        In 2018 Luca recorded his jazz album GLOBETROTTER with Dave Weckl, Jimmy Haslip, George Whitty and Max Ionata. The record is produced by Jimmy Haslip.

        ♯ Partnerships and Endorsements

        In his role as endorser for several leading musical instrument and accessory companies, including:

        Benedetto Guitars
        DV Mark Amps
        D'Orazio Strings
        Eventide Pedals
        Zoom Multieffect
        Timber Tones Picks

        Luca di Luzio has performed at numerous international shows and fairs such as SHG, the Frankfurt Musikmesse and the NAMM Show in Los Angeles.

        Luca is also the designer behind a complete line of bags for Archtop Guitars as well as the developer of a set of innovative pedalboards with Polish company G-Lab.

        He has developed his unique signature set of strings for six and seven-strings guitars, manufactured by the oldest italian stringmaker factory - D'Orazio Strings.

        His work as a recording artist is ongoing in his recording studio in Cesena (Italy).

        Great Memories
        Q BAR - Florida
        With my guitar Brother Randy Bernsen playing a trio jazz gig in Fort Lauderdale - FL
        Max Ionata - Smitty - Jimmy
        My first tour with Jimmy Haslip, promoting The GLOBETROTTER Jazz Album.
        Here with Marvin "Smitty" Smith on drums and with Max Ionata on Tenor saxophone.
        BARIOCA Extended
        Fabrizio Bosso joined my Brasilian band - BARIOCA for a Tribute to Marco Tamburini , a few months after he passed away.
        with Marco Tamburini
        Marco Tamburini was a truly Master of Jazz trumpet and humanity. He was a soulful guy and I miss him every day.
        Fresu - Girotto and Orchestra
        The Chet Baker - Gerry Mulligan Project with a big band directed by Roberto Spadoni. I really love to play in Big Bands.
        Paolo Fresu
        There is something unique about Paolo's sound, phrasing and articulation. You can recognize him from the first note.
        7 Strings for a Singer
        I enjoy playing 7 string guitar especially when I'm comping for a singer. Here with Lauren Bush.
        Max Ionata - Smitty - Jimmy
        Here again with Jimmy Haslip, promoting my first jazz album
        Jamming with Victor Wooten
        during Frankfurt MusikMesse I had the privilege to jam with virtuoso Bass Player Victor Wooten. It was really fun.
        He's an incredible player and a sweetheart guy.