Luca di Luzio - Jazz Guitarist
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Comacchio Jazz Festival: Jazzlife Orchestra feat. Girotto, Fresu e Spadoni

Opening concert on Sat. September 24th for the third edition of Comacchio Jazz Festival: “The Gerry Mulligan Pianoless Quartet Project”
Jazzlife Orchestra featuring Javier Girotto (baritone sax),  Paolo Fresu (trumpet and flugelhorn), Roberto Spadoni (arrangements and direction)

New endorsement: G-Lab Guitar Laboratory from Poland
"I am very proud to announce a new endorsement with the Polish company

G-Lab builds high quality effects pedals and MIDI controllers.On my visit to the factory in Zabrze, Poland, I was both surprised and impressed by how the company succeeds in combining innovation and manual skill in the creation of their products.

As part of my setup have chosen the compressor/booster, the Delay, the reverb and the Chorus. These effects are controlled by the MIDI controller/ GSC-3 Looper"  


Interview: Luca di Luzio, sounds of the heart

Inteview to Luca di Luzio published in "La Nuova Ferrara" on September 16th in occasion of the charity event organized by the editorial staff itself for earthquake funds. Luca di Luzio 4ett was invited to take part to the event.
Read the interview  

My Benedetto Bambino De Luxe

"My Bambino Deluxe is a jewel, the prescious result of Bob Benedetto and his team. The instrument reflects the enthusiasm and passion that all the staff at Benedetto Guitars dedicate to their work.

Bob himself engraved my initials onto the tailpiece  and the design faultlessly interprets the essence of this guitar: simple, elegant, balanced.

Guitars and amplifiers

For many years the live  set up included a Gibson 347 the LdL Custom pedal and an Acoustic Image Clarus R2 amplifier with a Raezer's Edge speaker.
Today the three Bob Benedetto guitars the Bambino Deluxe, the Bravo Deluxe and the Benny One Off are alternated according to the event. The amplification is entrusted to the DV Mark tube amps, the Combo Galileo or the Little 40 with the speaker 12.   

Luca di Luzio – Guitar player – contact:
Booking and  Management: Associazione Culturale Jazzlife – – tel +393351340537